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2013 Group 3 Web Portfolio

First Project: Electrical Engineering Anti Theft Device


Electrical Engineering is the application of designing creative circuits and implementing them for practical use. At the beginning of the week, we learned about series and parallel circuits, and performed various tasks to better understand the differences between the two. Soon after, we learned about the binary system, boolean algebra, and logic. Using these newly found skills, we worked on three more projects: College Readiness, Rock Paper Scissors, and Vending Machine. These are crucial elements of electrical engineering as they are present in virtually any facet of the field. For our final project, we worked on an Anti Theft Device, which encompassed all of the knowledge that we learned throughout the whole week. We first brainstromed various ideas, then assigned roles, developed multiple circuit designs, tested them with yenka, and decided on the most efficient and effective design to build.

Circuit Design

 Simple Design (the one we built)


Complex Design


Circuit Building

 For the process of circuit building, there were some obstacles and some successes. At first for the creation of the led lights going off, there was some equipment difficulty with the breadboard and wiring. We ultimately had to start over this portion of the circuit and decided to check over each LED light's wiring as we go. By doing this, it ensured more precision and accuracy. For the alarm system, it first worked but it was a little too quiet. To fix this slight problem, we changed the equipment and the quality of the sound was much greater. After we put them together to combine the anti-theft circuit to be complete, it (finish when done)


Prezi Design Process

During the process of creating the Prezi, we wanted to put forth our fullest potential. The overall presentation describes what the project was, the process, the successes and obstacles, improvements, and linking it to the principles to the engineering fields. The Prezi consists of being simple and straightforward to get the point accross while working as a team made the process go quicker and easier. Overall, the design process of the Prezi presentation went smooth sailing and we created a successful design.


Throughout this week, we learned about circuits and what it takes to really be an electrical engineer. By learning, not only about circuit design, but also about circuit construction, we were able to truly understand the many complications that come from taking an idea on paper to actually constructing it. With our neverending teamwork, we were able to overcome these hardships and construct a successful circuit and learn interesting knolwedge along the way. Overall, the invaluable lessons that we learned this week allowed us to explore a whole new field of engineering, and help us better understand how the world around us works.