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Medicine Delivery System

Design a Medicine Delivery System which dispenses aspirin, (a drug used for heart attacks)

Agents involved:

Sanat Mouli, Greg Robinov, Can Dai, Thomas Ho, Shelny Wan


Time allowed:

Three days

Knowledge required:

Biomedical engineering: is an application of engineering that connect medicine with engineering to construct medical devices such as artificial organs. 

Electrical engineering: is a field of engineering that primarily deals with the work of electricity and the building of electronic devices.  

Computer science: is the study of computer systems, structure, expression, and algorithms that allow people to access and store information. 

  • Dispense aspirin from if no risk factors exist (Lights Green LED)

  • Dispense aspirin with warning if one risk factor is presented (Lights Yellow LED)

  • Doresnt dispense aspirin if two risks are presented (Lights Red LED).

  • Doesnt dispense aspirin if all risks are presented (Sounds alarm).

First priority:

Complete the mission with high quality.

Plan and Process