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Medical Dispensor Circuit

Our final project was to create a monitoring circuit with timing that dispenses aspirin for heart attack and stroke survivors at a regular time. Due to the risk factors associated with aspirin therapy, namely its effects on people with high blood pressure, bleeding or asthma systems. The monitoring circuit will emulate the detection of the risk factors by checking blood pressure, anemia (blood loss) or serum periostin (asthma). At the specific interval, the monitor will:

Dispense if no risk factors are present - Green LED
Dispenses with warning if one risk factor is present- Yellow LED
Doesn’t dispense if risk two risk factors are present - Red LED
Doesn’t dispense medicine if three risk factors are present – Sounds alarm

There where three main steps in the building of this circuit.

A: The Logic Circuit: The centre of our project, this is the circuit that that decides which LED/Alarm to activate when the symptoms dictate.


B: The Alarm Circuit: The circuit responsible for sounding the alarm.


C: The 555 Ciruit: The circuit responsible for the timing of when signals are sent, this will ensure that the circuit despenses regularily.

D: The Flip Flop Circuit: THe circuit responsible for recognising the 555 circuits signals and either allowing or disallowing outputs depensing on said signal.

(Both Are Connected)