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What Do Biomedical Engineers Do?

 Biomedical engineers use a combination of engineering processes and medical and biological studies. They create tools, computer systems and software, etc. in which are to be used for healthcare.
     Some examples of bioengineering are...

What Do Electrical Engineers Do?

     Electrical engineers aid in the design, development and testing of electrical equipment. They help make may things from comupters to refridgerators and even doorbells.
     Some examples of electrical engineering are...

College Readiness Circuit

Using AND and/or OR gates, design a circuit that demonstates how to improve your chances of getting into college.
Take the SAT or ACT
Take Geology or Psychology

Medicine Delivery System

Create a monitoring circuit that with timing that dispenses asprin for heart attack and stroke survivors at a regular time. There are risk factors associated with aspirin therapy. The monitoring circuit will emulate the detection of the risk factors by checking blood plreesure, anemia (blood loss), and serum peristin  (asthma).
At specific intervals the monitor will:
*Dispense and show a green LED if no risk factors are present
*Dispense and show a yellow LED if one risk factor is present
*Not dispense and show a red LED if two risk factors are present
*Not dispense and sound an alarm if three risk factors are present