University of Southern California The USC Andrew and Erna Viterbi School of Engineering Pre-College Summer Programs - Student Portfolios

Week 1

This week, we learned about electrical and biomedical engineering.  To introduce us to this, we started by building simple parallel and series circuits that would light up two LED lights. 

Then we did three projects.  One project was to see if you would make it into college by seeing if you met the requirements.  If you met the requirements, a green LED light would turn on.  If you didn't meet the requirements, the light would stay off.  The second project was a rock-paper-scissors match.  For this, a green LED would light up for the winner while a red LED would light up for the loser.  If they tied, a yellow LED would turn on.  Our third project was a vending machine change dispenser.  We had a vending machine where the price of items in it ranged from 70 cents to 1 dollar and the person was paying with one dollar.  We had to find all of the possibilities of change they could get back including every coin except pennies.  Although we didn't have to build this project, our group did so anyways.  It was a really complicated circuit and unfortunately, we didn't have time to complete it.

Finally, we had a medicine delivery system project that we presented to the class.  To find out more about this project, click on the "Medicine Delivery System" link at the side.