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Project Development Visuals

  - Truth Table

Photo 4- Alarm System

Photo 2- Logic Circuit

 Photo 1-Yenka Logic Circuit

Project Testing Visuals

Prezi Development

Making the Prezi presentation was actually an enjoyable experience. Because of the fact that Prezi is more flexible than Powerpoint, you are able to illustrate your ideas/teachings in a more unique way. Since I am a first-time Prezi user, I was forced to trial and error, and research different styles/techniques. The more creative the creator is, the better the Prezi will be, visually. At first I had a regular presentation that just went from one place to another in a monotonic fashion. After tweaking it a bit, I used various techniques in order to make transitions more pleasing to the eye. The flexibility of the transitions, backgrounds, and styles allows for aesthetically-pleasing graphics. Prezi, in general, focuses on the aesthetically-pleasing aspects while Powerpoint seems outdated and TOO formal. I’ve revised the Prezi’s graphics several times in order to fabricate an informative and eye-pleasing presentation. Diving into the unknown, you don’t know if you will enjoy something – but that’s the fun of it. 

Written by Carl Eubanks

Biomedical Engineering

Biomedical Engineering is a focus of engineering that applies concepts from biology, medicine and integrates those concepts with engineering concepts in attempt to improve human health.

Electrical Engineering

Electrical Engineering is a specific type of engineering that focuses primarily on the development and application of electricity, electronic systems and electromagnetism.

Computer Science

Computer Science is a science field which includes a wide array of topics, which include computer hardware architecture, virtual reality and robotics.



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