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Electrical Engineering

     Electrical Engineering is thought to have been discovered and used in ancient times. (i.e the Baghdad Battery resembles a power cell and was supposedly used for electroplating in ancient Mesopotamia.)The 19th century was the boom of electrical engineering and included the work of Georg Ohm.  In time electrical engineering progressed and became more innovative. Examples of such progression are the development of RADAR, televisions, and even NASA space exploration.

     Electrical Engineering is the field of engineering that deals with the study of electronics, electricity, and electromagnetism. It was first identified with the use and development of the telegraph and electrical power supplies in the late 19th century but now covers a wide variety of subtopics such as  power, telecommunications, control systems etc.
    Electrical engineering is now used for almost every technological advancements that we have today and are still making advances that will continue to drive us into the future.

Pictures of Project Development

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