University of Southern California The USC Andrew and Erna Viterbi School of Engineering Pre-College Summer Programs - Student Portfolios

 This week, our group was tasked with building a bridge and a remote control car. The bridge must have a driving surface of four feet, must span a 3 foot space with a 1 foot clearance, and support a remote control car carrying 3 red bricks. The only materials we recieved were 15 balsa wood planks, 144 balsa wood strips, and 15 hot glue sticks. We were also given a robotics kit to construct our car. Over the course of the week, we learned many concepts relating to our project, and did A LOT of math. Our teammate Emily had an amazing idea to draw a model exactly to scale, which saved us a lot of work and heartache. Cameron, Tyler, and Michael worked on our remote control car. The three of them wired, cut metal, bolted stuff together, and programmed our car. Tyler, Emily, Hailey, and Cameron assembled the bridge. They cut balsa wood, glued what seemed like an endless amount of structures, and assembled the legs and trusses. MIchael and Hailey worked on this website while Emily and Hailey worked on the Prezi, which is linked here - CLICK HERE .

We also have another web page that details the different kinds of engineering used in this project. 




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