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 Civil, Mechanical, and Industrial Engineering

Bridge and ROV Group 1

 Civil Engineering 

"Civil engineers design the roads that the car rides on. More generally civil engineers design and anlayze large-scale structures such as buildings, bridges, water treatment systems, and so forth."

Engineers within this field are mostly concerned and take into consideration kinematic variables. These are distance, time, speed and acceleraition

Being one of the oldest fields of engineering, it is now primarily focused today "on structural issues such as mass transit systems." "Civil engineers are heavily involved in improving the movement of populations through their many physical systems." They are at the center of a "discussion when it comes to transport and buildings." 





Industrial Engineering

"Industrial engineers must design, install, and improve systems which inegrate people, materials, and equipment to provide efficient production of goods. They must coordinate their understanding of the physcial and social sciences with the activiteis of workers to design areas which the workers will produce the best results."

Industrial engineering incorporates a lot of management and business skills. It is a field in which the engineers "systemically collects, analyzes and arranges factual information in such a way as to fulfill management's needs."  

This branch of engineering is continually growing due to the "awareness that the application of engineering principles and techniques can help create better working conditions."

Mechanical Engineering

This field of engineering is the "broadest based discipline in engineering." "Mechanical engineering deals with power, its generation, and its applicaiotion."

Mechanical engineering deals with and is focused on specific areas such as "applied mechanics, control, design, engines and power plants, energy, fluids, lubricaiton, heating, ventilation, and more.

Mechanical engineers "develop better drive systesm for converting the chemical energy of fuels into the kinetic energy of motion. More generally, mechanical engineers design and analyze sytems for the manipulation of mechanical energy. It is one of the most pervasive engineering disciplines, with multiple applicaiontions from transport systems such as aircraft, spacecraft, trains, cars, and so on."  


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