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Welcome to the 2016 Discover Engineering Group 3 Online Portfolio! Along the left side of the page, you will find the projects that we have completed during the class. We hope you enjoy and learn a little about all of the types of engineering we did during the class.

Types of Engineering

In this unit, we worked on two main types of engineering: mechanical engineering and computer engineering.

Mechanical engineering is a branch of engineering that involves designing, constructing, and using machines. Mechanical engineering requires a strong understanding of mathematics. A masters degree is not required to become a mechanical engineer and only some engineers pursue a postgraduate degree.

Computer engineering is a branch of engineering that involves analyzing, designing, and evaluating computer systems. Computer engineering students should have a strong understanding of mathematics due to the many algorithms that require high mathematical competency.

Design Process

Our team consisted of six people: Zach, David, Nick, Wren, Jimmy, and Sitara. We assigned one robot to each person, and then one person got the task of making the website, Prezi, and Scratch. We all split up and worked individually on our parts, and then got together periodically to check in.



This link discusses the many purposes of mechanical engineering and how and why the disciplin can help people. The article is entitled Advantages of Mechanical Engineering Services. 

This link describes the impact of mechanical engineering in India and how it will shape the future. The titel of the article is Scope and Future of Mechanical Engineering in India 

The link above describes how we have been getting closer to quantum computing thanks to the bowtie shaped nanoparticle.

The article above discusses how quantum computing, still a revolutionary concetpt, could one day be in the cloud.