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Group 2 Web Journal: Robotic Assistance

By: Ducan, Jason, Jacob, Tan, Moni & Ariana
Biomedical Engineering

Biomedical engineering officially became an engineering field in the 1940's. Yet the origin of this feild dated back to the creation of artificial limbs which were made out of wood or other materials. This branch of engineering contains many different specialized fields, and some fields may overlap with other engineering branch. The goal of biomedical engineering is to apply engineering basics to meet the demands of the medical world. Three major fields within biomedical engineering are bioengineering, medical, and clinical.

Bioengineers apply engineering principles to biological systems. They are involved in creating new medical treatments, disease-resistant plant and animals, and other types of bioengineered products. They often work with geneticists to produce new bioengineered products to meet the consumers demand.

Medical engineers design medical equipments and instruments that may include instruments such as non-intrusive surgical instruments. These instruments have reduced risk and recovery time for the patients undergoing treatments.

Clinical engineers develop new systems to better serve hospitals and clinics. These engineers may design systems that improve the standards and safety of the hospitals or clinics. The systems designed by clinical engineers will create a better environment for staff and patients in hospitals and clinics.

Computer Science

Computer science is a feild of engineering which shares many similarities with computer engineering. Computer scientists are more involved in designing and creating computer softwares while computer engineers are involved in creating hardwares for computers. In some cases, computer engineers do program softwares; however, the softwares they develop are likely programmed to control and interface with computer hardwares. In some cases, computer engineering and computer science overlaps with electrical engineering.

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Project Testing
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  • Engineering Your Future by William C. Oakes, Les L. Leone, and Craig J. Gunn