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Biomedical Engineering

Biomedical Engineering is basically the integration of principles of engineering and comcepts of design to biology and the medicine field. This spceific area aims to combine the problem solving skills of engineering with biological and medical areas in order to improve the healthcare of the society. BE is considered on its own as a discipline compared to the other fields of engineering. They also have subfields such as medical engineering and clinical engineering

Medical Engineering

Medical Engineering is the field that uses the analytical skills of engineering in order to develop no-intrusive medical devices  in order to improve the tools that are used for healthcare. By improving the tools the field aims to reduce the risk percentage of the patient while decreasing the time of the recovery process.

Clinical Engineering

Clinical Engineering is the field of engineering which aims to develop the systems that are used in the healthcare centers such as clinics and hospitals. They avoid bacteria and other viral diseases from spreading to the other patients that are being healed in that medical center. On the other hand they also develop chemicals that doesnt affect the doctors while they are working on the patient.

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Computer Science

Computer Science can be considered as very similar to Computer Engineering, however what computer scientists focus primarily on is the software of the computer and the optimization. The main goal of the computer scientists is to create and innovate new forms of technology for computers and their systems. It is actually the collaboration of mechanical engineering and electrical engineering. The main reason for this integration is to solve the complex computing problems with a wide scope of disciplines. Since computers include both hardware and software, computer engineers have to have knowledge about both of the disciplines. At this point electrical engineers generate the software with their knowledge of programming while mechanical engineers design the hardware of the computer. To conclude, computer engineers have to know both the principles of electrical and mechanical engineering.

There are subcategories of computer scientists just like any other field of engineering. These categories are mainly; robotics, hardware architecture and virtual reality.

Hardware architectures are the people who innovates the ways to process and transmit the current information. They mainly design new chips for the computers out of new material in order to make the parts smaller and faster.

Robotics focused computers scientists job is to create and program robots. They use coded commands by the help of programming language and binary system in order to make the robobts function properly

Virtual reality focused computer scientist are the people who aim to create life-like situations. They create simulation programmes in order to test the new models of mechanical parts. For instance, Siminsights can be shown as an example for a simulation programme. Virtual reality computer scientist are also the ones who modify the video games in order to make users feel like if they are in the game.


How WE integrated Computer Science and Bioengineering?

Our task was to create a robotic arm which can grab a loaded cup, lift it up and pour the stuff in the cup. With the help of bioengineering we learned the principles of the arm. We disected a chicken foot and looked at its tendons in order to understand how we can create a robotic arm which works just like a human arm. After than that we built the robot which was the mechanical engineering part of CS. In order for our robot to accomplish the given task we also needed to program our robot which can be considered as the electrical engineering of CS. So with the help of bioengineering and computer science, we managed to build a robotic arm which operates just like a human arm

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