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 Taking Flight

Group 5: Harshil Shah, Nina Taurich, Jack Benhayon, Nicholas Fong, Kaan Genscoi, Matt Gillies



Aerospace Engineering (AE)
Aerospace engineers are responsible for developing and testing aircrafts and missiles, along with supervising the manufacturing of spacecraft. Aerospace engineers also create new technologies that can be utilized in the fields of aviation, space exploration, and defense systems. Engineers in this field can specialize in propulsion systems, vehicle control, and communications. Some aerospace engineers also specialize in the development of a particular aerospace product, such as fighter jets, helicopters, and spacecraft.

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Chemical Engineering (ChE)
Chemical engineers study the transformation of different substances in large amounts to increase the overall quality of human life. One of these transformations includes the development of different forms of usable energy. The jobs in the field of chemical engineering are very diverse and chemical engineers are usually tasked with developing pathogen-fighting drugs to developing fuel cells. Chemical engineers are also employed in the biotechnology, pharmaceutical, and environmental engineering fields.


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Final Project & Prezi!

a) Model Rocket

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b) Bottle Rocket

Capture 3

c) Plane

Capture 2


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