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Group 3, Week 4 PLane, Rocket, and Amphibious ROV


We were given the task of designing a functioning model airplane out of balsa wood and propellers, a Rocket out of paper, and balsa wood, and an amphibious ROV out of PVC pipes.  We had to use the principles outlined in Aerospace, Chemical, and Mechanical engineering to figure out the adjustments we needed to make to have a functioning airplane, rocket and ROV.  We had to understand the concepts of Center of Gravity, Aspect Ratio, Center of Pressure, Dihedral Angles, Angle of Attack, chemical clean up, basic circuits, and joints.  The purpose of the plane was to succesfully fly around a power pole.  The rockets job is to launch strait up, and then deploy its parachute completely, so that it slows the rocket on its way back down.  The ROV had to drive on land, and then go into a pool, and swim up, down, and side to side, to clean up the pool.


Here is Our prezi