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What are the four components of flight? There is the Lift, the Drag, Gravity, and Thrust.

What are the prevailing theories of flight? The Bernoulli and Newton theories.  The Beroulli theory is that when air hits the top of the wing, it creates a pressure difference which in turn creates lift.  Newton's theory was that air hitting the bottem of the wing would have an equal and oppsite force in the upward direction creating lift.

What is the primary difference between an airplane and a rocket? An airplane has wings and tail fins while a rocket has only fins. 

What are the competing issues between the land and marine portion of the amphibious ROV? We needed more propellers in order to make the ROV move underwater, but the propellars were to heavy with the motors, and so the weight of the car was too much for the wheels to handle, and the ROV couldn't move.

How does Newton's 3rd law apply to thrust? Newton's 3rd law motion states that for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction.  Thrust is the reaction force provided by the engine pushing backwards away from the airplane.

How does one clean water without absorbing too much? You incorporate the use of a skimmer to skim the surface of the foreign objects or liquids without removing too much water.

What is the optimal ratio of fin size to cone size? 1:2

What are the optimal shapes for cones and fins? Optimal fin shape would be curved trapezoids, and optimal cone shape would be a conical nose cone.

How does aspect ratio affect drag and lift? The aspec ratio is the relationship of the length of the wings to te width of the wings. A higher AR means more lift and lower drag. A lower AR means less lift and more drag.

How does the dihedral angle affect stability? The dihedral angle is the upwards angle of the wings on the airplane. This angle is important because it prevents rolling of the plane.

What is zero buoyancy? Wherever an object is in water, it will not sink, but stay afloat in the water.



-Alec, Nick F, Bobo, Avery