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Group 5 2013 - Jack Kaplan, Leah Swig, Shaheen Sayeed, Daniel Hong


Aerospace Engineering Principles:
  • Aerospace engineers design, build, and test vehicles to move through fluids.
  • There are four main forces on a rocket or an airplane: thrust, drag, lift, and gravity (AKA weight)
  • The center of gravity is the point at which we say gravity acts upon.
  • The center of pressure is the point at which we say that aerodynamic forces act upon
  • For the vehicle to be stable, the center of gravity shold be slightly in front of the center of pressure
  • The dihedral angle is the upward angle of the wings from a horizontal surface
  • The aspect ratio is the relationship of the wingspan to the width of the wings.
  • The angle of attack is the launch angle from a flat surface.

Source: Binder



Project: Design and build a rocket, an airplane, and an amphibious ROV.

           For more information on the project, please see the Prezi below.