University of Southern California The USC Andrew and Erna Viterbi School of Engineering Pre-College Summer Programs - Student Portfolios


Week 4


    We explored into the depths of aeronautics from starting experimenting with paper airplanes and messing around with baking soda and vinegar to launch a cork out of a soda bottle.

    It then went on to making a glider (airplane), a helicopter, and a rocket! Learning how to design and creating aircraft was no walk in the park.

    We had to learn about the lift and drag, the forces of the wind resistance, to make the aircraft hover and/or fly in the air, rather than to just crash or break.

    Center of pressure, gravity, aspect ratio, angle of attack, and dihedral angles were all tiny pieces of knowledge to putting a master-piece together.

    We fight on to learn more, enjoying our experiences here. Go Trojans!